Find Your Exact Location on Your Iphone

Find a Location

There are several ways you can find a location using the Google Maps application on your iPhone; the method you use depends on the situation. Do you already know the address? Are you looking up an address of a contact? Have you already looked up this address in the past?  Later on in the chapter we’ll cover how to find an address using the Google Maps application by either typing in the address,  accessing your contacts, or by using bookmarks. So head to your Home screen, tap the Google Maps icon to launch the Google Maps application, and let’s get started.

Find a Location by Searching

If you know the exact address you want to look up, tap the search box on top of the Google Maps screen. The software keyboard will slide up from the bottom of the screen  and you’ll enter Search mode. Now type in the address you’re looking for. When you’re finished, tap the blue Search button on the bottom left of the keyboard.

To clear a previous search without holding down on the delete button for a few seconds, tap the gray X icon on the right of the search box. Google Maps will find your address and drop a red pin onto the map to mark its location. The address you searched for will show up above the pin in a black box (shown in Figure 10-1). You can get rid of the black box by tapping the box or anywhere on the map; to bring it back, just tap the red pin.

If you don’t know the specific address, there are other ways you can find a location on Google Maps. You can type in an intersection, which is formatted like Shattuck and University, Berkeley CA. City names and zip codes work as well, as do proper place names like Golden Gate Park or White House. When searching for an address, you won’t always have to type in every single detail. In fact, if the Map view is already in the general region you’re looking for, often all you really need to type is the street address (and not the city, state, or zip code). If there is more than one match in your region (and by region we’re talking states), Google Maps will prompt you to choose from several matches.

Find a Location by Bookmarks

If you know you’re going to need to look up an address several times, you might find it useful to bookmark it for quick access. Doing this is easy.

Adding Bookmarks

After you look up an address, you’ll see a red pin with a black box above it, marking your address (see Figure 10-1). Inside the black display box is a blue circle with a white arrow inside. Tap the blue arrow to see the Info screen associated with that address. From this screen, you can do all Health News sorts of useful Google Maps things, but right now all we’re concerned with is the Add to Bookmarks button. To add the current address as a bookmark, just tap the Add to Bookmarks button. Now you can give a name to your bookmark to make it easier to find. For example, I’ve bookmarked my home address in Google Maps and called it simply, Home.
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