Configure iTunes Store Settings

By default, iTunes displays a Store category in the Source list with an iTunes Store item and (once you’ve bought a song or video from the iTunes Store) a Purchased item below it. ITunes also uses 1-Click buying and downloading. You may want to remove the iTunes Store category or use the shopping basket. To change your preferences, follow these steps:

1. Display the iTunes dialog box or the Preferences dialog box: • In Windows, choose Edit | Preferences or press CTRL-COMMA or CTRL-Y to display the iTunes dialog box. • On the Mac, choose iTunes | Preferences or press -COMMA or -Y to display the Preferences dialog box.

 2. Click the Parental Control tab (Windows) or Parental button (Mac) to display the Parental Controls. Figure 7-3 shows the Parental Controls on the Mac.

 3. In the Disable area, select the iTunes Store check box if you want to remove the Store category from the Source list. Select the Allow Access To iTunes U check box if you want to leave iTunes iTunes Store Settings U’s educational content enabled. If you want to prevent anyone else from re enabling the iTunes Store, click the lock icon and then go through User Account Control for the iTunes Parental Controls Operation (on Windows Vista) or authenticate yourself (on the Mac).

 4. If you didn’t disable the iTunes Store, choose content ratings and restrictions: • Select your country in the Ratings For drop-down list. • Select the Show Content Ratings In Library check box if you want iTunes to display content ratings.

 5. In the iTunes Store area, choose whether to restrict movies, TV shows, games, and explicit content. For example, to restrict movies to the PG rating, selects the Restrict Movies To check box, and then chooses PG in the drop-down list. Click the Store tab (Windows) or Store button (Mac) to display the Store tab. Figure 7-4 shows the Store tab on the Mac. The Store tab in Windows has the same controls.

 6. Select the Buy And Download Using 1-Click option button or the Buy Using A Shopping Cart option button, as appropriate. 1-Click is great for impulse shopping and instant gratification, whereas the shopping cart enables you to round up a collection of songs, weigh their merits against each other, and decide which ones you feel you must have. If you have a slow connection, use the Buy Using A Shopping Cart option to queue up a stack of ITunes tracks to download overnight when the download won’t compete with your other online activities for your meager bandwidth.

 7. Select the Automatically Check For Available Downloads check box if you want iTunes to look for new episodes of podcast to which you’ve subscribed. Clear this check box if you prefer to check for new episodes manually.

 8. Select the Automatically Download Pre purchased Content check box if you want iTunes to automatically download content you’ve bought using pre purchase features such as iTunes Pass (a kind of season ticket for items that come in episodes).

 9. Select the Automatically Download Missing Album Artwork check box if you want iTunes to try to download Better Health Tips the artwork for songs you import. This is usually helpful. You can add further artwork later as needed.

 10. Click the OK button to apply your choices and close the dialog box.
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