Configure Load the iPod or iPhone Photos Synchronization Settings

To tell iTunes which photos to put on the iPod or iPhone, select the Sync Photos From check box, and then choose the source in the drop-down list. Once you’ve done that, choose which photos to include:

Windows Select the All Photos option button to add all the photos. To add just some, select the Selected Folders option button, and then select the check box for each folder you want.

Mac OS X Select the All Photos and Albums option button if you want to include all the photos. To choose by Events, select the Events option button, and then choose which Events from the pop-up menu: All, 1 Most Recent, 3 Most Recent, 5 Most Recent, 10 Most Recent or 20 Most Recent. (An Event is a group of photos in iPhoto that are Ipod organized by date or by topic.) For the iPod classic and iPod nano, you can select the Include Full-Resolution Photos check box if you want to put the full-resolution versions of the pictures on the iPod as well as the smaller versions that iTunes prepares for you. Select this check box only if you want to have the original photos with you—for example, because you may need to share the photo files with people by connecting your iPod to their computer and transferring the files.

Choose Podcasts Synchronization Settings

On the Podcasts tab, select the Sync check, and then choose which episodes to synchronize:

• All the episodes (the simple choice)
• From 1 to 10 of the most recent episodes
• From 1 to 10 of the most recent unplayed episodes
• From 1 to 10 of the least recent unplayed episodes
• All the new episodes
• From 1 to 10 of the most recent new episodes
• From 1 to 10 of the least recent new episodes

Then select the All Podcasts option button Iphone if you want the setting to apply to all podcasts. Otherwise, select the Selected Podcasts option button, and then select the check box for each podcast you want to include.

Choose Video Synchronization Settings

On the Video tab (for an iPhone or iPod touch) or the Movies tab and TV Shows tab, choose which rented movies, movies, and TV shows you want to synchronize with the device. The settings vary for the different devices but are easy to use.

Choose Applications Synchronization Settings

For the iPhone and iPod touch, select Sync Applications on the Applications tab if you want to synchronize applications (as most likely you will Health And Fitness on your primary computer). Then either selects the All Applications option button—usually the best choice—or select the Selected Applications option button and then select the check box for each application you want to synchronize.
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