Windows Surface: After that Nokia think?

With Microsoft’s selection of smartphone manufacturing alliances, it really is slightly confusing that Microsoft will also be developing its very own smartphone. I reckon that Google will get away with this form of thing, to be the who owns Android and releasing a smartphone, in addition to providing iPhones with apps. But Microsoft doesn’t have the identical level of acceptance as Google. Perhaps it’s because Microsoft isn’t fun, as being a brand it does not look like playful and exciting. This obviously ensures that it ought to be strictly business inside the public’s perception. Perception is everything in relation to sales, i really wonder how this may go.

Surface Smartphone can be a threat:

It isn’t exactly the perceived betrayal the general public may base their opinions on. Microsoft’s partner Nokia, as well as Windows users for example Samsung and HTC Corporation, may even see this as a threat or perhaps an attempt to squeeze them from the Windows phone market. If Microsoft decides the counter smartphone is often a hit, will that lead to the halt with the sharing of Windows software to manufacturers? I’d like to think not, but that doesn’t mean Samsung, HTC, etc., would agree. This shakes things up somewhat i wonder after that take place in the world of Windows smartphones in mid 2013 once the Surface phone by Microsoft is released.

I'm particularly curious to see what are the results with Microsoft’s partner Nokia. Nokia definitely seems to be building a huge attempt at a comeback using the recent relieve the Lumia 820 and 920. Nokia’s latest smartphones are visually stunning high has obviously been plenty of work put in to ensure they are so. Should Nokia worry that Microsoft is breaking out and looking to visit solo? Or possibly it more a matter of diversity, because smartphone market looks like it's nowadays.

At this time the Microsoft Surface smartphone plans are just very plausible rumours, duplicated by the Surface tablet Microsoft has already released. The production on this tablet causes it to be appear like it isn’t too far fetched for Microsoft to present a smartphone a go. The top tablet is really a solid design and is very useful for be instead of play. Smartphones, however, aren’t precisely the type of thing you would like to be typing up Word and Excel documents on. In the event the failsafe Microsoft 'office' web marketing strategy is lost it is not easy to assume what are the qualities a Microsoft product will have, specially when there are numerous brilliant smartphones available on the market.

Smartphone wagon:

Everybody looks like it's jumping on the smartphone wagon currently, even my parents who're within their 60’s bought themselves an apple iphone 5 each. Maybe Microsoft aims to sell the smartphone for those who are hesitant about forcing the smartphone leap and want to keep with a known and trusted brand. Or there possibly is a thing more to this particular phone, for Microsoft to need to consider this kind of huge risk that could cause losing a partner like Nokia or perhaps an alliance like Samsung. The speculations are starting a lots of curiosity; this may be useful in itself.
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